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McAfee Certified Product Specialist certification as a profession has an incredible evolution over the last few years. McAfee MA0-103 Intel Security Certified Product Specialist-DLPE exam is the forerunner in validating credentials against. Here are updated McAfee MA0-103 exam questions, which will help you to test the quality features of DumpsSchool exam preparation material completely free. You can purchase the full product once you are satisfied with the product.

Version: 8.0
Question: 1

What is the hierarchy used to resolve potential conflicts between application strategies?

A. Archiver > Trusted > Editor > Explorer (Explorer has the lowest ranking)
B. Archiver > Trusted > Explorer > Editor (Editor has the lowest ranking)
C. Archiver > Explorer > Editor > Trusted (Trusted has the lowest ranking)
D. Archiver > Editor > Explorer > Trusted ^Trusted has the lowest ranking)

Answer: B

Question: 2

The DLP End point administrator needs to prevent sensitive data from being transmitted over FTP. Which Rule can be configured to meet this requirement?

A. File System Protection Rule
B. Cloud Protection Rule
C. Application File Access Protection Rule
D. Network Communication Protection Rule

Answer: D

Question: 3

To assist with perceived performance issues prior to product installation, the DLP End point Administrator could prepare by

A. disabling unused modules.
B. distributing agent override codes.
C. establishing a system baseline.
D. enabling the system watch dog service.

Answer: C

Question: 4

How can incident data be exported?

A. Select specific events in DLP manager to export incident data
B. Run reports or queries to generate specific report and export incident data
C. Use database administration to export incident data
D. Run incident task manager to export incident data

Answer: B

Question: 5

Groupings of Applications in McAfee DLP used in rule creation are called

A. Enterprise Applications List.
B. Application Inventory.
C. Application Definitions.
D. Whitelisted Applications.

Answer: C

Question: 6

How can DLP be used to prohibit users from sending confidential files to partners?

A. Create a partner list definition and add to applicable protection rules
B. Create a partner list and apply to device control
C, Use protection rules to stop copying of confidential files
D. Prevent confidential files from being used

Answer: A

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