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FORTINET’s Network Security Expert Program certification as a profession has an incredible evolution over the last few years. FORTINET NSE5 FortiGate Network Security Management and Analysis exam is the forerunner in validating credentials against. Here are updated FORTINET NSE5 exam questions, which will help you to test the quality features of DumpsSchool exam preparation material completely free. You can purchase the full product once you are satisfied with the product.

Version: 10.0
Question: 1

What output profiles can you confine for report event notifications? (Choose two)

B. Forward to another FortiAnaiyzer device
C. Upload to a server
D. Email

Answer: CD

Question: 2

Which statements are true regarding content archiving, also known as Data Leak Prevention (DLP) archiving? (Choose two)

A. Allows full and summary archiving
B. It is configured globally for all policies.
C. The default behavior is to do full archiving.
D. The DLP engine examines email, FTP, NNTP, and web traffic.

Answer: AD

Question: 3

Given the Antivirus and IPS update service is enabled, and the FortiGuard settings as shown in the exhibit. The desired behavior is for managed devices to use public servers for these updates should FortiManager become unreachable, which is not the case with the current configuration. What two actions are necessary to correct this? (Choose two)

A. Change the server override mode from strict to loose.
B. Change the pat from 8890 to 443 n the Use Override Server Address for FortiGate/FortiMail settings.
C. Uncheck the option Use Override Server Address for FortiGate/FortiMail.
D. Change the IP address to a pubic FDS server and pat to 443 n the Use Override Server Address for FortiGate/FortiMail settings.

Answer: AC

Question: 4

What remote authentication servers can you configure to validate your FortiAnalyzer administrator logons? (Choose three)

B. Local

Answer: ACE

Question: 5

Which two statements are correct regarding synchronization between primary and secondary devices in a FortManager HA duster? (Choose two)

A. Al device configurations ncbdng global databases are synchrorized in the HA cluster,
B. FortiGuard databases are downloaded separately by each cluster device.
C. FortiGuard databases are downloaded by the primary FortManager device and then synchronized with al secondary devices.
D. Local logs and log configuration settings are synchronized in the HA cluster.

Answer: AB

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