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Version: 12.0
Question: 21

Which three limitations or requirements do MP-BGP-based EVPN addresses have compared to the initial IETF VXLAN standard (RFC 7348)? (Choose three.)

A. Network flooding through protocol-based host MAC/IP route distribution and ARP suppression on the local VTEPs
B. active-passive multihoming at Layer2
C. requirement to disable multicast for underlay forwarding
D. scalability limitations due to data-driven flood-and-learn behavior
E. control-plane learning of end-host Layer 2 and Layer 3 reachability information, which provides integrated bridging and routing in VXLAN overla networks.

Answer: ADE

Question: 22

Which three statements about ACI border leaf are true? (Choose three.)

A. Any ACI leaf can be a border leaf. There is no limitation in the number of leaf switches that can be used as border leaves.
B. The border leaf can also be used to connect to compute. IP storage, and service appliances.
C. The border leaves are ACl leaves that provide Layer 3 connections to outside networks.
D. The border /eaves are dedicated leaf switches that support on only Layer 2 and Layer 3 out in an ACI fabric.
E. Only 32 border leaves are supported an ACI fabric.

Answer: ABC

Question: 23

How do you manually configure a vNIC MAC address?

A. Use the mac-address-table static command.
B. Modify the dynamic vNIC connection policy.
C. Use the set identity dynamic-mac command.
D. Modify the adapter policy.

Answer: D

Question: 24

Which two statements about import and export route control in an ACI fabric are true? (Choose two.)

A. Prefixes learned from OSPF/EIGRP L30urs are never permitted inbound by default.
B. Prefixes learned from BGP L3outs cannot be filtered inbound.
C. Export route control controls if the prefixes are redistributed from MP-BGP to the egress leaf.
D. Prefixes permitted inbound are redistributed into MP-BGP at the ingress leaf.

Answer: CD

Question: 25

While doing service insertion with vASA with route peering, which two parts must be configured? (Choose two.)

A. The path for interfaces must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created.
B. The route peering profile must be specified when the L4-L7 Service Graph template is created.
C. The VM name must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created.
D. The chassis must be specified when the L4-L7 device is created.

Answer: AB

Question: 26

Which definition of Intelligent Service Card Manager is true?

A. part of the RISE service that is responsible for establishing initial connectivity with remote appliances (for example. Citrix NetScaler)
B. management software to manage Cisco Nexus devices
C. management software to manage to provision of rising services on a Cisco Nexus switch
D. part of the RISE service that resides on a Cisco Nexus switch that is responsible for handling tasks related to receiving Route Health Injection massages from appliances and programming those routes in the universal routing information base
E. part of the RISE service that resides on an appliance (for example, Citrix NetScaler) that is responsible for sending Route Health Injection massages to a Cisco Nexus switch

Answer: A

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