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Vendor IBM
Exam Code C2150-610
Full Exam Name IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence V5.2 Deployment
Certification Name IBM Certified Deployment Professional

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Question #:1

The deployment professional needs to upgrade the firmware for the Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) Virtual Appliance.
What process must be performed by the deployment professional during the upgrade?

A. Nothing, a VM-Ware ESX Snaphot is automatically created then the virtual appliance is updated.
B. Nothing, an automatic snapshot of the first partition is created and that partition’s firmware is updated.
C. Nothing, the update is installed on partition 2, and the policies and settings are copied from partition 1 to partition 2 automatically.
D. The virtual appliance firmware is updated and then the deployment professional must apply the appropriate WebSphere Application Server fix packs.

Answer: D

Question #:2

A client has conflicting activities, and more than one mitigation control has been applied to the same activities. What result does the deployment professional encounter?

A. Over Mitigation
B. Under Mitigation
C. Pending Mitigation
D. Workflow Mitigation

Answer: C

Question #:3

A solution design requires that the solution be High Availability (HA). The deployment will start with two nodes in the HA cluster. A smart load balancer will be used to detect the outage of a component server. Two Identity Governance and Intelligence (101) database servers are installed as part of the solution and database HADR is used to keep them synchronized.
When configuring the load balancer for failover of a database server, where should the deployment professional insert the load balancer in the data flow?

A. Between the LDAP server and the IGI databases
B. Between the user’s browser and the IGl databases
C. Between the IGI Virtual Appliance and the IGI databases
D. Between the user’s browser and the IGI Virtual Appliances

Answer: A

Question #:4

A target service has been successfully created by the deployment professional.
What should the deployment professional do next to ensure a successful provisioning?

A. Install the specific target type.
B. Configure the account reconciliation process
C. Configure the account defaults for the target’s required attributes.
D. Configure the account defaults for Identity Governance and Intelligence.

Answer: C

Question #:5

The IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) deployment professional needs to set up IG1 to connect to a Windows Active Directory server using IBM Security Identity Manager adapter.
What should the deployment professional do?

A. Use Target Administration module in IGI Admin Console to add a new target.
B. Use Enterprise Connectors module in IGI Admin Console to add a new connector.
C. Use IGI Appliance admin console and create a connection to Active Directory server.
D. Use Access Governance Core in Admin Console to add a new account configuration.

Answer: A

Question #:6

A client asked to set up a new complex process work-flow which contains tow actives and an escalation step. The deployment professional created it with Process Designer on a test environment. The client accepted the
new work flow.
How can the deployment professional move the process configuration from test to production environment?

A. There is no automation; the process is manual.
B. In Process Designer, use the specific export report and bulk import.
C. Process Designer has the capability to export and import a work-flow definition.
D. Use the generic sync job that aligns content between two specified environments.

Answer: C

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